Wednesday, October 19, 2005

YARD - yet another rest day

Not much to report running or exercise wise besides biking to/from work twice. Nice pasta meal tonite and skipped volleyball just in case I would turn an ankle of something.

Reviewed my old running logs and felt kinda depressed at the relative volume I used to do when I PB'd in the marathon 2 years ago. Back then over the last 14 weeks: avg 64mi/week, 6 x 20mi long runs with up to 15@MP using the Pfitzinger plan. Currently I'm on a lower mileage diet for a change but trying to keep the quality stuff. Average over the last 12 weeks is 42.5mi/week, 4 x 20+ long runs, 3x13 @MP. So we'll soon see how the experiment comes out!

Checked in and booked my room with brother-in-law Dave in Saint John and so now I have a bed 1 hr closer to the start and a fellow runner to scheme with. We also have a 3:10 pace group organized with 4 bunnies which should make things interesting! Weather is also looking OK but this is still the maritimes and it can change in a flash. Crossing my fingers & toes!