Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Grassy 400's

Not sure why I'm doing 400's on my last taper week but I've always been a slave to a schedule. Did about 5.5mi total in 46:00 with 6x400 on the golf course fairways and rough now that the golfers are pretty well gone (only saw 2 people). Warmup and finished with 4x100 on my secret lane. Felt a little tired, slow at 1st, and took it kinda easy as I didn't want to strain anything and it was nice to run on such a soft surface. Only 10C, overcast and light wind but felt ok in shorts and tshirt.

Began scheming about KV including the course profile which is challenging over the 1st 1/2. I ran the 1st 30k last year in pacing Dave to his pb of 3:10. And then 2 weeks later I ran New York and came out kinda flat. This year, I already have the BQ so I can throw caution to the wind and treat it as a real race. Most times I go out super cautious (never trust the marathon gods) and hope to have something at the end. This time, what to try??? Should I go out at just less than 1/2 mara pace, go by HR, try to stick with faster people, or try for a boring planned MP for the 1st 30k and see what happens? Maybe I'll look at my training to date and do a summary as I have no recent races since the Grand Manan 1/2 in July (1:32:46).