Friday, October 21, 2005

Feeling iffy and went for a swim

Sunday forecast: 'Periods of rain. Windy. Low 3. High 10.' but waiting for the details tomorrow. Weatherman said it will only get bad Sunday evening. A northeast breeze would be a nice tailwind as this is a straight line course from east to west.

Ran an easy 5 today in 43:25 on the golf course and around town but felt kinda 'off'. Tapers always seem to bring out the little quirks and usually my legs never feel fresh or ready to tear up the pavement until race day. Busted outa work early and ended up falling in the pond while helping Jo clean it up! No damage done but my pride. The dog we're babysitting thought it was funny. He rushed right over and started barking at me as I spluttered my way out!!

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