Thursday, November 24, 2005

Another nasty day

What is going on anyway? Another miserable day for running, with steady cold rain, barely 0C (32F), with a fairly strong NE wind. Had planned to do an out and back 30-30min route but changed my mind because of traffic and the chance of icy conditions and did a loop to the town limits and then around the Point.

Not feeling especially keen at first but resisted the temptation to take a side street and shorten the route (counted a total of 14 turnoffs passed). Once again it was the counting that kept me going, just do one more street... The worst part was the exposed peninsula as always and I started to feel cold until after the turn when the wind was behind me. Oh, btw I'm afraid that I buckled under with today as the 1st day in long pants this season :-( and was really glad I did! It was close to popsicle conditions for most of the run in the wind and rain, yuck! Total of about 7.5 in 63:30 and HR>80% for 55% of the run.

Hoping for a decent day soon, where the weather is not a factor and I can just enjoy the run. The best part of today's run was the hot shower at the end!