Saturday, November 19, 2005

Cool pic for a cool day

This was shot during the Cabot Trail relay race a few years ago. It's a wonderful event with lots of runners having a great time staying up all night following their teams. I hope that our team, the middle of the pack Aliant Striders, makes the cut this year so you can hear my race report for 2006.
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Just an easy run to report today. It is definitely getting cooler at -3C (27F) but sunny and very light winds so still managed ok in shorts, though I did get some strange looks. About 40:30 or 5 miles with a stop at the post office for the morning mail. They had a couple of packages and I must have looked even stranger juggling them as I trotted down the street after that. Luckily it was only for a few blocks where I dropped them off with my wife at the church sale. No question about the comments and looks I got going in there ;-) Finished off with a nice jog home across the frozen golf course. Ahhh!