Thursday, November 10, 2005

No data to report

Forgot the watch at home which is probably a good thing and ran the exact same loop as Tuesday. Nice easy pace for the 5.5 mi. but was feeling grumpy after a morning of useless meetings so probably pushed the pace a bit. Legs were good with only the occasional twinge from the left calf. Weather was mild, light drizzle and wind, about 9C (48F) and likely alot better than it was early this morning when Andrew was probably running. The wind and rain woke me up and I had some kind thoughts for him from my warm and cosy bed ;-) He's one dedicated runner!

Doctor's visit went well, just an interview and blood pressure check (low normal). Now I go for blood tests and expect the usual story of borderline high cholesterol and the rest normal. I can report that the doctor, who is younger than me, feels I'm probably healthier than he is! Feeling pretty much recovered now as well. Eager for some longer runs!