Friday, November 25, 2005


At least it can't rain when the temp goes -ve. Nice thing about the metric system is that 0C has some basis in reality i.e. things freeze and get slippery. I have no idea what 0F (-18C) 'means' except that it's friggin cold. First the weather report, -2C (29F), 20-40km NW winds, windchill -8C (16F), and my bike froze up on the way into work (gear changer seized and stuck in last gear).

But I'm not complaining! After yesterday's wet & cold (my least favorite running conditions) the sun was out today. Started out slow and easy with all the available clothes, including pants once again. Plan was to make it an easy day and hold the heart rate below 80%. Once I settled in, it was a nice run, warm enough except going into the teeth of the wind on the Point (again!). Even better there was another runner up ahead, which is highly unusual in our small town. At first I couldn't catch her, but after awhile the cold wind caused her to stop and walk backwards and I was able to join up. It was DP, one of the famous Twisted Sisters running group! It was nice to run together and gab for a mile or so and then we parted ways. A great treat to run with someone ;-)

My final numbers for the run were 6.5mi, 53:25 and 59% of run in the zone 70-80% of max HR. Looking forward to the weekend!!


Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Man that sounds cold. It's about +3 here and I'm heading out the door in about 5 minutes. Just waiting for breakfast to digest while I read a few of my fav blogs.

Always cool to run with someone however brief. Heh, even in this big city I sometimes run and find no one. Well at least no one that runs as slow as

Happy running.

Love2Run said...

It felt cold until I caught up with her and after that the conversation kept us warm ;-)

Anonymous said...