Thursday, November 03, 2005

What a difference a day makes...

Two days ago it was like summer, but today we got the real deal, a typical cool blustery fall day. Overcast, light drizzle, medium sw winds, 6C (40F) at lunch time. Needed a jacket and gloves which I never took off but was OK in shorts. Managed to do my standard Point loop of 5.5mi from work in 46:10. The golf course was still open and empty but doing this loop is more along my usual running pattern and the recovery plan requires going back to the 'norm'.

My body, and legs in particular had different ideas. The 1st part of the run went well with an easy warmup, stretches and 1st mile on grass but then my left calf started acting up. It tightened more and more as the run went on and began to affect my (very easy) pace by the end and the heart rate was still high for the perceived effort. So the run was only about 50% successful, feels like 2 steps forward, 1 backward so far in the recovery.

I guess I'll take another 'REST' day tommorow and keep working on the stretching. Also been good with the crunches every day this week. Trick seems to just do them early before I'm fully awake ;-)