Saturday, April 22, 2006

Active recovery

They say you should rest 1 day for every mile you race before racing again. Whoever came up with that rule might be right; in that this may prevent injury but I'd bet any money they never followed the rule all of the time and they sure as heck didn't have much fun!!

I've had a fairly relaxing week since the big run on Monday.

Tues was the relaxing drive back from Beantown, eating and drinking as I pleased but not much appetite and no crazy cravings except for ice-cream.

Weds was back to work with walking back and forth for lunch and a total of 3 miles

Thurs and Friday was the same with walking 3 miles each day and the legs getting limbered up and feeling better. Even jogged a bit on the way in Friday am. But suddenly I found myself signed up on our office bedrace team for the weekend event around town. It's a fun event to raise money for the local youth center which is now under construction and will provide much needed recreation for the local teens. Surely a little jog around town can't hurt, eh?

Pre-race team photo with team-captain resting up. Race rules called for a team of 5 with one person 'in bed' at all times. At times it got kinda crowded up there ;-)

And the race is on through the beautiful streets of St. Andrews. There goes the mayor and his team of councillors!

A closeup of our town Mayor 'Bubbles' Craig in the drivers seat.

There were some neat designs including boats.

Garden beds...
Our little team including the 'infamous' shorts yet again. Notice that it looks like I'm the only one running and everyone else is either on or trying to get on the bed!?

Brave but final place finish by our volunteer fire and ambulance brigade!

Garmin race profile showing the race route around the downtown, the elevation profile (green) and pace per mile (blue). Total distance of 2.44 miles in 21 minutes at 8:35/mi pace.

Yeow! It was not just a little jog at all with hard effort by the team from the get go. Only 2 of the 5 were runners but I was impressed with how they all worked so hard to get around the loop. We used the downhills to advantage with up to 3 people in the bed at a time and then had a bunch of quick changes to give folks a rest. I took one 30 sec break on the downhill of front street and it was a nice feeling to just pushed along. The legs felt quite good for this short but hard effort though there was some deep aches and pains that I don't usually feel. It took a few minutes to recover at the end and we passed several beds that had started in the wave start well in front of us. Final placing was 2nd overall in a field of 10 or 12. Great fun and no damage done!


Legs and Wings said...

You're crazy man! But, what great community spirit.

My wife and I honeymooned nearly 20 years St. Andrews. Stayed at what was then the Shiretown Inn.

Drinking coffee right now from a mug purchased on that trip.

Keep up with the recovery Mike...that means lots of ice-cream and less running...for a while.

hunter said...

I used to down a gallon of ice-cream in a week :) Somehow I lost the appetite for it and I think it's due to the aging, which seems not the case for you, haha

Now I crave for fruit and vegetable.

Olga said...

This sounds so fantastically fun!! Everybody needs to borrow this idea for their town:) Go, team!
As for "a day for a mile" recovery rule - can you picture ultra crazies sitting home for 3-4 months at a time? Whomever came up with it wasn't an athlete in a big sense of word. Do how you feel. Feel good - have fun.

R2B said...

Just visiting...nice blog!
Jack Daniels says 1 day of easy running per 3km of racing.This is probably more appropriate as you still can run but at a pace less likely to injure yourself.

Cheers R2B

Anonymous said...