Saturday, April 01, 2006

Easy and easier

Slow and slower? Nah, just taking it easy the last few days so I can have 1/2 a chance of having fresher than normal legs for Sunday's 1/2 marathon in St. Martins. It's called the LLRBB or Last Long Run Before Boston for those not in the know. It is usually a very small turnout but will be race conditions and I'm expecting to run it around marathon pace, that is comfortably hard but not all out gasping for air pace. I want to see how this pace feels on a hilly challenging course but don't want to kill myself so close to the big day, the key mantra will be 'controlled'.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch I did an easy 8 miles on Friday (2 less than the scheduled 10) and the quads were feeling it from the pounding they took on the downhill repeats on Thurs. Besides that it was a great day, we've had beautiful warm sunny days here all week, and a real joy to run in shorts again on a regular basis. See what I mean?

Today was just an easy 5 miles (not 6) in 41:30 around the Point from home. At 9:00am it was already 8C (45F) and climbing with a hazy fog hanging over the water. Nothing special about the run, just an easy shake out the legs run with the quads still a little sore/tight. But this is good as it means I worked the legs hard enough to do some minor damage and now the theory is they will repair themselves stronger for the next attack upon them (oh the evil master is so cruel) !

After the run I was recruited to help out with some of Jo's ponding activities since I'm the 'go to guy' when it comes to 'going in' the pond. However, the water is still a little on the cool side so today a drysuit was needed instead of just the hipwaders. Next time though, someone remind me to zip up all the openings because I still got wet and its cold when it's seeping down your back and down your legs ;-0
No damage done though and now the fish are happier with circulating water and occasional feedings.


Legs and Wings said...

LLRBB sounds like fun. Sure has been great weather.

Olga said...

Hope you have a good day today (Sunday).
Loved your picture essay on Boston!

Scooter said...

My counter (at about 5PM EDT) is now showing approx. 14 day 19 hr, yours is showing 14 and 21. I'd noticed that as I copied the code you had set the time at 14:00 on April 17th, nad we're still an hour off from each other. I suspect that we'll probably be at an hour difference if you correct to the 13:00 that I think you should now be using, but then you should be correct locally. The DST adjustment seems to have made my counter appear right to me, but suspect it's thrown you off. Let me know.

Anonymous said...