Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Fun Run

After a four week layoff the Boyden Lake gang finally got together again today. It took a flurry of emails as well as some extra prods but here we are, with our best smiles and raring to go.
Sorry (Dawn) but no butt shots today since we're all at the back of the pack these days in taper and anti-taper modes. Steph and I are just 2 weeks out of Boston, Andrew has a week to go before Holyoke and Jon has 2 weeks before Sugarloaf. Because of the up-down training the route today was different than the 2 main 13.5 or 17 mile loops we usually do. Steph thought we'd like a 7-8 mile scenic loop along the beach and since the tide was low it was a go.

Here's the scenery we had but missed the highlight shots during the run. I really need a little durable camera for those just-have-to-take-a-picture moments. We ran along the beach near here at Mill Cove in Robbinston, Maine past a neat rock formation called the Pulpit. It reminded me of the Hopewell Rocks in the upper Bay of Fundy or the Inuit inuksuk formations. Maybe next time I'll have a camera and can get a good shot of it.
You can see by the beach that the tide is out. At high tide it's about 25ft higher and our route would have been impassable.

And of course, the geeky details of route, pace and elevation. On the map you can see the tip of St. Andrews in the middle of the Bay. There were a few ups and downs but our pace was fairly even with a few slow spots when walking or climbing over rocks and cliffs along the beach.
Total distance was 7.25 miles in 66:00. Total for the week was a mere 23 miles bringing the annual sum to 1068. Time to start slowly upping the miles again in preparation for the summer season and the buildup to Cabot Trail at the end of the month. I'm also planning to race a 10k in 2 weeks as part of the Fredericton marathon. This will be run hard and should give me a baseline point for the season's training.

This coming week I'll be down in Woods Hole, Mass. for some work meetings and hope to find some new running routes here. At least with the Garmin on my wrist I shouldn't get lost, right?


Olga said...

No butt shots?? How disappointing:)
Nice run there!

Mike said...

Great run Mike- I'm still dealing with the post-race wobbles on the run *grumble*
Also- great pic of you at Boston in your last post!

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Mike - Wonderful pics. I cannot wait to return Downeast for some runs with the group. I hear you may be joining us in the fall for the Wineglass?

Love2Run said...

There will be more butt shots but can't say when ;-) I do want to return and get a good pic of the rock formations too.

Yes Marc, seriously thinking of Wineglass as the fall target race. It's said to be flat/downhill and fast!

runninturnip said...

looks, beautiful. I ran on the beach in Virginia once and it was awesome!

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Funny, the first thing that came to mind as I opened your post was "What no butt shot!?!?!?!" and I see others are coming to expect them from you as

Geat shots anyhow. :-)

Anonymous said...