Saturday, April 01, 2006

Boston pics

Just posting a few of my Boston pics so I can use them in my profile. I'm NOT really showing off, but they are kinda fun to see again, even for me. Hey, this race is the key goal for my entire year of running. Why not have some fun with it? ;-)

Boston 2000 midrace - 1st Boston, what a rush!

Boston 2001, midrace, getting the hang of it now

Boston 2001, post-race after glow, so nice to be finished and still standing!

Boston 2004, a real scorcher!

Boston 2004, just hanging on putting one foot in front of the other...

Boston 2004, it's hot but I can still smile at the camera!

Boston 2005 finish, acceptable but not the best of days. This was to be followed by the 'subway incident'. What is it about those especially warm days on Marathon Monday?


Scooter said...

Five years of pictures and you haven't changed your shorts! I hope you've at least washed them! Good luck at Boston! (I'd like to steal your countdown, but haven't been able to figure out how.) I finally qualified and will be there for the first time in two weeks.

Love2Run said...

Scooter, actually 6 years but who's counting? and I do wash them each year!

To copy the timer, point to my page and then view page source. Find the countdown clock section. Copy it all into your template where you want it to go. Check the comments and modify the countdown display and time. Send me an email if you need more hints.

Scooter said...

First, thank you for inviting me to copy the countdown timer. Second, you need to link to the "subway incident". Third, we have a discrepancy in timing. When I got the timer installed, I discovered that it seemed to be an hour off (and I suspect you discovered the same thing), then I realized that you needed to compensate for Atlantic Time, so you were showing the start as at 14:00 hours(2 PM). I think the program seems to auto compensate for the daylight time adjustment, and that you may have calculated the daylight adjustment backwards (I think you'd have wanted to use 12:00 if there wasn't the auto-compensation), but with the auto-compensation, I think you should be entering 13:00 as the start time. We'll know tomorrow if this is all correct, so it may not pay to play with the issue today. You can see my timer at

Scooter said...

A further thought, is the program grabbing the countdown from a host computer or is it adjusting to the reader's computer with its time zone? (Will the display only be correct if in the race time zone?

Scooter said...
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Mike said...

Mike, you should market those shorts on your blog. Cafe Press could work something out with you I'm sure! Have a good weekend.

Love2Run said...

Shorts are available at any Running Room but 'only in Canada' I believe ;-)

The 'subway incident' occured last year after finishing at Boston and is not linkable cause I was not blogging then. It's a long story with a happy ending but the short version is:
"I was alone on the crowded subway after the 2005 marathon heading back to homebase when I fainted/passed out cold. Woke up staring at the ceiling while being attended to by passengers. Then received various attention and assistance to switch lines and get on my way. The kindness of strangers can sometimes surprise you!"

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Love the shorts! They must be your lucky shorts.

Anonymous said...