Sunday, December 24, 2006

Caught in the act!

Guilty as charged! Maybe it was the heat but Cody just couldn't keep away from attempting to delete some pictures that he didn't like. Silly cat!

I must also admit to being guilty of running and now writing about the event. Both of these habits are a little obsessive but it's a quiet time around the house right now and there are a few minutes to spare.

On Saturday we were up early and I was able to have a nice relaxing blueberry pancake breakfast with Jo before heading out into the rain for a 1 hour run. It was very treachorous with a thin layer water over black ice on the streets and trails. Even running in the ditches and side of the road was bad and I had visions of ending up flat on my back several times. Another incentive to take it easy and slow down though as I finished up the week with a total of 68 miles. And the kids were still fast asleep when I got home at 10am, in fact some didn't appear until after noon!

Today's run with Andrew was a bit more interesting. Up at 6am and on the icy roads to downeast Maine once again but at least the salt trucks were out in force. The US border guards were a hoot asking the usual questions, where I'm from, where I'm going, for how long and why but then wanted to know the details about my run. "You run how far?" they asked. "20 miles" was my reply. He gives me a strange look and says "You say that so casually". And then the other guy start talking about an Andrew Seeley from Eastport. It seems he's famous in these parts! There were more questions about training for Boston and then "Have a good run". It's a small world.

Arrived at Boyden Lake by 7:30 and Andrew were soon on our way for the usual 21 mile loop. We started out a bit slower this week since the roads and side trail had a few icy patches but were soon cruising along at full gab. It was a beautiful morning with a perfect sunrise and a number of Kodak moments (without the camera) and the talk was mostly about how the training is going for both of us. The last few miles saw the pace creep up but it was again hard to determine which one of us was more responsible. I just don't know who to blame and we never look at the watch except to see what mile it is on the GPS. Total time of 2:49 with last 7 at 7:33 pace. Another great run and that's now 7 in a row 20+ Sunday long runs. It's still not easy but certainly alot more bearable with friends like Andrew. And by the time I got home 2 out of 3 of the kids were still in bed.

Merry Christmas folks and happy running!


Andrew said...

That was a good run. Full gab indeed.

I couldn't wait until get home before I ate the cinnamon bun. It was long gone and I was licking my fingers as I pulled into the driveway. You'll have to bring me two next time so I can heat one up like you suggested.

Unknown said...

All those long runs will definitely pay off at Boston.

Merry Christmas!

Jamie Anderson said...

Great running! I'm sure the kids will be up earlier tomorrow morning. Have a Merry Christmas!

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

You two crossing back and forth across the border must be all the That's a hoot.

What "no camera". Dang it all and I was hoping for a Christmas butt

By the way I just tagged ya - check it

Don't say I never gave you anything for Christmas *big grin*

Thomas said...

Cody is definitely guilty. Just look at the guilt look on the face.

Blueberry pancake breakfast. Mmmmmmm. Blueberry pancake breakfast.

I bet you will soon be just as famous as Andrew with the border guards.

Olga said...

What a way to fit a long run! On holidays!

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said... put the lights up. :-)

DawnB said...

I love those run when I'm home before everyone is up!!!

Phil said...

Another great run Mike. No way could I gab for 21 miles @ 7:33. And sorry about the US Border Guards. I get the same questions every time I leave Canada and I have a USA Passport.

Anonymous said...