Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Busy Day

It's a good thing I made an effort to get up right away this morning when I first opened my eyes or I'd have never got out the door for a run later on. You see I'm on holiday for 3 weeks and don't set an alarm except for the weekend long run on Sunday (but I still wake up before it goes off). My normal internal clock allows me about 8 hours of sleep and I'm usually awake by 7am which was the case today. After a quick breakfast with cereal and coffee I was out the door for the planned 12 miler before 8am.

Right from the get go the legs didn't want to kick in and it took at least 3 miles before I even felt half right. The temps and conditions were perfect today at 12C/54F and a thick moist fog that had me wiping my glasses continually so I could see. However, the body was not too keen today and even bribes to cut the run short (let's do the 9 miler today instead) had little effect. Perhaps it's the full stomach or maybe it's just the program kicking my butt a little bit before I get settled in. Anyway, after 10 miles I checked back in at the house to see if my older son was ready to go camping but he was just awake and eating his breakfast. With some encouragement from Chris I then made a u-turn and finished off the last 2 miles and got it done!

The rest of the day was spent at a dead run as we did a long canoe shuttle for Chris, witnessed a near wipeout with car and canoe (but no harm done), missed running over a turtle on the road (no camera!!!!), a couple of dead-end roads and wrong turns later we were done. Then the long drive back home and the day was nearly over; good thing I ran early. Even on vacation you have to get your priorities in order to get the workouts in. Now it's time to stretch and ice those crazy hams as promised. Good thing it's just an easy run in the morning. Now if I can remember not to go crazy with the yard work or fall off the ladder trimming the hedge....


Training: 12 mile slogfest (8:45 pace) 5/10
Health: 7/10 sore hams & butt


Unknown said...

Enjoy the 3 week holiday. I am on summer break myself, but I'm still setting my alarm. I'm afraid if I sleep in too late I'll never get out and run.

Garry said...

Happy holidays! Enjoy the break from work. It will be a great chance to get a good base for PEI.

Thomas said...

I wish someone had reminded me not to go crazy with the yard work on Sunday. Still, I'm pleased it was done.

I can't remember the last time I had a 3 weeks holiday. Lucky you.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Nice little garden gnome you've got there!

Man, you are a better man than I for getting out there for the last 2 miles. If I stopped at the house with 2 miles to go, I would still have 2 miles to go.

Enjoy your vacation!