Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Buzzing Around

I've been busy like a bee but haven't had my butt up in the air like this little guy. It's funny to watch them just dive into the flower to get the nectar.
The garden is looking very beautiful with lots of flowers in bloom and the beds all primped up with a fresh coat of mulch. Jo's big garden tour is this weekend and we expect a few hundred people milling around the 12 gardens here in the St. Andrews area.
Another nice but actually very tiny little blossom.
And a view along the back yard showing some of the key features (sundial, gazebo and pond in background). She's been working dawn to dusk for weeks and it looks great as always.

Well that's it in a nutshell. I'll be up again at 6am (that's 5am for Andrew) to help do the race course measurement for the Calais 5 miler. And then later it'll be the 14 mile medium long run that I so look forward to each week but this time in the heat of the day. Oh well, wish me luck!

July 14
Training: scheduled 0 miles - rest day at home but busy in yard during pm
Health: feeling sore and tired from long run and glad it's a day off 6/10
Stretching: none, just seems to be no time for it (whack me on the side of the head)

July 15
Training: 9 miles with 10x 100strides (8:40 pace? misfiring Garmin) Strides were again feeling awkward but improved as it went along. The final one on grass was the best. 8/10
Health: legs were good today but never stopped for a break all day (holidays?) 8/10
Stretching: now icing while blogging and will stretch later

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Dubs said...

So, how do I get you to come out to Texas and help landscape my backyard???