Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Paying my Dues

July 21 - Monday
Training: 0 miles on day off; went golfing with my son
Health: legs tired 6/10 (body still recovering from run and brunch)
Stretching: iced and stretched!

July 22 - Tues
Training: 9.5 miles with 4 in 28:38 ~1/2 mar pace (8:00 overall pace) 6/10 Effort and speed was hard to come by but then the recovery jog home went better than usual.
Health: legs mostly ok but sore quads 6/10
Stretching: iced and stretched!

July 23 - Weds
Training: 14 mile slog (8:30 pace) 5/10
Health: legs ok but tired overall 6/10
Stretching: iced and stretched again (take that Marc)!

Not much in the idea mill today so just the basic facts for the last few days. Still putting in the miles according to the plan but it's not always 'fun'. Planning to go to PEI on the weekend and will be checking out the entire marathon course over a couple of runs. It should be interesting!