Sunday, July 06, 2008

No Air

Another dumb but catchy song was floating around in my head during today's long run and it seemed to kick in every time we tried running up a hill where there was No Air.

Andrew thinks I'm starting to lose it but it just wouldn't go away (the song that is). And then there are the new Coke Zero -Talking Eyeball commercials that are just plain weird. Good for a laugh at least.

Today we did the Boyden Lake 17 mile loop once again. It was fairly uneventful, except for some odd comments at the US border crossing.

Lady border guard - 'Where are you going?'
Mike - Perry (never give out too much information)
border guard - 'Going running ?'
Mike - "Yup'
(must have been the Nike hat)
border guard - 'Have a good run!'
Mike - 'Uh, OK, thanks!' (Oh, oh they know my habits now too)

The run started at 6:15am fog cleared quickly and the temperatures rose from 12-20C (54-68F) during our 2.5hr run. It's good to start early before things warmed up too much. We had a great run with several short stops for stretching and water and of course the requisite camera shots.
Can you believe he's still wearing long sleeves?
Note extra water bottle that I 'had' to carry for 'someone'.

Andrew even got a shot of me just to prove I was there too. Great run, good fun, lots of jokes and the scheming has started on how to go at the PEI marathon in the fall. The issue we have is the hills at the end of the race and deciding on what kind of pacing and training we need to incorporate for this. It's not a negative split race, that's for sure. And that's all I got. Have a great week!

Training: 17.8 mile long run (8:20 pace) 8/10
Health: hams got sore as the run progressed (stop to stretch 2x) 6-7/10
Stretching: ice packs & TP ball last night


DawnB said...

I understand why you would think of this song going up the hills!!

Nice training run today

Michael said...

I like your story. It reminded me of a time when I was visiting a friend in Vancouver. We were training for Ironman and had to go for a 180km ride. When we were at the border they wanted to know where we were going... I didn't know, just down the road?!

I'm glad to see the running is going well.