Saturday, January 03, 2009

Resolution Run #3

Another day, another run, another video-cast.

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An easy 5.5 miles this Saturday afternoon with temperatures around -5C. The strong northwest wind continued and made the feel-like temperature just that much cooler. My leg/hamstring was fine but the pace was slow because of all the stops and starts. Perhaps I need a special name for this sort of run, like video-jog or click-lek but Andrew is sure to chime in with something more interesting. I'm hoping to meet up with the 'boys' for a nice long run in the morning but so far there is no plan of action.

See you later!


Andrew said...

Feisty video!

What program do you use to make the video?

Garry said...

More great pictures! Looks like it was a beautiful day. Can you adjust the volume on your commentary at the end as the music seems to drown you out. I am hoping that you are sharing some training gems with us but I can't hear you.

gumushel said...

like music in this one better