Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Creaky taper

Still stiff and a bit sore from the past weekend's Fundy Trail adventure and 1/2 marathon. This was a tough hilly run that provided some extra wear and tear on the quads and calves which hopefully will make a difference come Boston in a couple of weeks.

Monday was my usual rest day and was sore in places around my hips that are rarely a problem. Thankfully it's much better today but the quads are still tight. Tuesday was a hellish day at work with a stressful job interview followed by more nose to the grindstone data analysis. Managed to get out for a 6 mile easy run with lots of stretching before the run, some stretches one mile in and more stretches after the fact. The run went much better than expected and the weather was cool and windy in just shorts and a light windbreaker.

Today Weds was an easy 9 or so miles (can't wait for that Garmin 301) as an out and back run out Bayside. Again an overcast cool and windy day with bits of blue sky and sunshine breaking through but I wasn't fooled into going with shorts today. The light pants (don't wear tights) worked perfectly and I felt comfortable for the most part. However, today the legs and body seemed to tire after a few miles and I was glad to get to my estimated turnaround point near Greenlaw Mountain. Every downhill felt like little pins were being pricked into my quads and the uphills seemed steeper than usual for some strange reason. One of these days, the taper will start to feel like a rest but so far there is no cigar.

Oh yeah, I was called by the local paper for an interview about my running Boston and she even came around later in the day to take a picture. Hey, I'm going to be famous (not!)!! We'll see how the article comes out as she admitted to being new to the sports job and had to ask how far a marathon was (groan...). And the usual comments like, "I can't even run across the street, how do you do it?" (sigh...)

Work is getting crazier and crazier and is scheduled to peak next week on Wedsday with our final meetings and reports for the upcoming fishing season. Wish me luck on this, I'm prepared but the unknown can happen in thess open forum meetings. To be followed by R&R and a couple of days off before driving down to you-know-where.

Off to volleyball now... I'll take it easy and not jump any more than necessary ;-)


Mike said...

You're famous Mike! I have to be the first to ask...are you wearing "the shorts" in the photo?

Legs and Wings said...

Mike, didn't you know that real running men wear tights. Okay, nothing but a smart-*** comment.

Good luck with the creaky taper...won't be long now before that drive down I-95

Love2Run said...

No Mike, not wearing the shorts. They dropped in by surprise so I only had time to wear my Boston hat ;-)

Thomas said...

A sports reporter who doesn't know how long a marathon is. That's clearly going to be one quality article.

Very disappointed to hear about the shorts. That would have been your ticket to fame and glory.

Olga said...

When you're famous - will you still come visit us, mortals?
yay, Mike!

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Boston Mike...can I have your autograph????

Anonymous said...