Thursday, July 03, 2008

Before and After

It was another nice day for a run but this time the plan only had a short 5 mile recovery run in the books. This was the view from the start of run at 8am after a short coffee stop with my friend Hugh. I really enjoyed today's little jaunt, as I took it very slow and easy from start to finish. The temperature was again perfect at 15C/59F with the usual automatic air conditioning.

Post run these fog enveloped flowers caught my eye before the yard work started in earnest. Trimmed a few trees and worked on the hedge without incident (still have all my fingers and toes)! It's also good for the upper body which always need a little extra work (I hate push ups).
Later in the day (5 hours later at 1pm) I went to the same place for my after shot. You can now see Pleasant Point in the distance about 6 miles away. Ah summer vacation!

Training: 5 miles easy-easy (8:48 pace) 7/10
Health: hams & butt better but still need daily attention 6/10
Stretching: ice packs, stretching & TP ball last night
Felt much better, holding back and enjoyed the slow pace.


Andrew said...

Doing good work there!

Garry said...

Good running conditions for sure. It has been a little on the warm side here. Have fun with your pruning and trimming.

Thomas said...

Mike, since you asked, this week's fartlek consisted of 8 x 45 seconds bursts at 5:40 pace average. This will get harder over the next few weeks. Next week is 8x75 seconds, if I remember correctly (haven't got the plan here with me), and the fast bits will go up to 2 minutes eventually.

Actually, it's fun, and not too exhausting - yet.