Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

This is the closest I could come to a red flower to go with our Canada Day celebrations here today. There are numerous activities going on in our little town of St. Andrews including a parade and fireworks that bring in lots of people from the surrounding area.

I was able to start the day off right with an 8 mile run according to my schedule. After a quick breakfast I was out the door by 8am and headed off down the highway under light fog cover. It was a mild 15C/60F because of the nice air conditioning effect the fog gives but once the fog burns off the temps will shoot up by at least 10C. This will be good for the fireworks though. My little run went ok but the legs were heavy and things felt forced for the 1st 2 miles or so before I warmed up. After that it was a bit smoother for a few miles before finishing off the last mile or so with a set of 10x25sec strides (fast but not all out running) interspersed with 35sec rest/walks. These strides went better than last week but I still feel awkward and slow. I may try doing them on the golf course next time where the cushioning of the grass feels a lot nicer than pavement. Post run including a dip in the pond to cool off the legs and scare the fish. It was cold at first but feels great!

We are now Three for PEI with Marc signing up last night after being pestered for weeks on end. I'm looking forward to a good training cycle for this one and we hope to see everyone have a good time and do well in the fall.

Cya later!


Garry said...

Happy Canada Day! Maybe next year I can squeeze an "east coast" race in. Time to use up some air miles maybe?

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

O Canada! Enjoy the celebrations.

Grellan said...

Good to see you back Mike and running well. Already up to 17 milers - impressive.

Happy Canada Day.

Thomas said...

Make sure to pester Marc to keep up the training and not get injured this time.

Keith power said...

Garry goes I'll show up also, along with some other family?

DawnB said...

Happy Canada day to you!! good to see you back.

Mike said...

Canada Day! No wonder all the stores down here in the States are closed today.

...Oh wait, I think our economy is the reason all the stores are closed, as they were shuttered yesterday as wll. Oh well. Enjoy the celebration.

Glad to hear you're three for the marathon.