Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's working!

It's been a very busy week but you always have time for...'Tim Horton's !' Here with my friend Hugh who accompanied me for part of the way to Bathurst on Weds.Made it safely to Bathurst on my bike and had time for a decent medium long (13 mile run) along a scenic route near the downtown.

July 9
Training: 5 miles easy (9:20 pace with 5 minute emergency pit stop at hotel) 7/10
Health: legs tired and a bit sore 7/10
Stretching: ice packs last night

July 10
Training: 13 miles (8:25 pace) on a hot humid morning in Bathurst (drank 3 bottles of water during run) 6/10
Health: legs dead tired but hams were ok 7/10
Stretching: none

July 11
Training: 11 miles (8:00 pace) 9/10 What the heck?! This was after a 5 hour bike ride home but everything just worked and I was holding back most of the way. Maybe this training is working!
Health: legs springy and felt great 8/10
Stretching: none (except during run)

July 12
Training: 5 miles easy (8:34 pace) at home 6/10
Health: legs stiff and achy (wonder why) 7/10
Stretching: none (again) but will ice and stretch tonite before our long run on Sunday

Weekly total of 61 miles (8hr 39min) which is pretty good in my books. Onward and upward and I'm still on holiday for 2 more weeks! 14 weeks to PEI now... Have a good week!


Andrew said...

That July 11 workout looks really good!

Thomas said...

I can't help but notice a certain lack of stretching. Apart from that it looks like you had a very good week.

Jamie Anderson said...

Nicely done! Good week for sure.

Garry said...

Nicely done! That was a good week of training and of course you should always have time for Tim Horton's!