Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Recovery Week

Isn't that one scary looking jellyfish? I'm glad it was safely on the beach and not stinging unsuspecting swimmers in the water. Still it's very colourful and quite impressive in size. I thought that this beach/vacation picture would be suitable for a cutback/recovery week post despite the fact that I'm now back to work again. It's a shame we can't be on vacation all the time or at least have a job that doesn't feel like work (that is you enjoy it). I like my work and it can be challenging and even fun at time but ... it's still work!

Anyway, the plan is calling this a cutback week and after PEI with the 20 mile long photoshoot and combined run it's nice to take it a bit easy. However, it's still going to be a 60 mile week and that's nothing to sneeze at either but at least no really hard repeats and a cutback at all distances throughout the week. Hope your week is going well too!

July 28 - Monday
Training: 0 miles (rest day) hard to be back to work after 4 weeks off
Health: legs and body fine 8/10
Stretching: forgot to ice and stretch!

July 29 - Tues
Training: 8 miles easy after supper with 10x100m strides (8:18 pace) 7/10
Health: legs felt good but hard to get going just after eating; strides were variable 8/10
Stretching: nada! lazy again! (tend to let it go when feeling ok)

July 30 - Weds
Training: 5 miles easy after work. Felt lazy and delayed planned 12miler to Thurs (8:12 pace) 7/10
Health: legs mostly ok with nice dip in pond after run 8/10
Stretching: iced and stretched!


DawnB said...

Pretty scary to me!! huge. thank you for your kind words and enjoy your week.

Unknown said...

It looks like a hairy jellyfish. Strange looking. Enjoy the cutback week.

Garry said...

A 60 mile cut back week! That would be a peak week for me. Enjoy the rest, if that is what you are calling it! : )

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Mike - You will do very well in October. Great job with the tagged pictures!

Enjoy your 'rest' week.

I am not sure about running the International, but I may be able to cheer you guys on. I'll let you know soon.

Grellan said...

I got a fright when I saw the photo. Thought the guy with the feet had just been scalped.

Jamie Anderson said...

I still have a small scar from when I was a teenager and a Portugese man-of-war stung me on the chest while out surfing. Nasty suckers!

Take it from me, after a month and a half of vacation so far, I'm ready to go back! (but I'm also one of those rare folks who seems to truly love his job)

Anonymous said...