Sunday, January 01, 2006

wishin to count better in 2006

Dang Andrew! Thought we were going to do 16 miles today!! That's what my training log said to do, so where did I get 17? Must have had a senior moment or something like that. Like I said towards the end of our run "at time like this I can only count to 10 anyway". Thus my first priority in 2006 is to learn to count all the way to 100 (just like A) while in extreme stages of duress due to self inflicted abuse, that is long distance running!

As you might have guessed, Andrew and I got together for a post-holiday long run. It was at the same location as 3 weeks ago near Perry, Me. in the backroads around Boyden Lake. S was not available and a few other invited guests also did not show but we had a great run anyway. It was a nice moderate paced run (~8:30 or so pace) with temps around 20F (-7C) with a light NE wind. We both tried to sync heart rate monitors to that elusive 70-80% effort adjusted for age and max HR of course.

The run was fairly uneventful except for continually waking up to dogs along the route and probably also their unfortunate owners trying to get some sleep after partying away for 1/2 the night (btw Happy New Years everyone!). One house had a pair of very large/fat Rotweilers on the loose in their driveway which made us nervous for a minute. We stopped our yacking, and tiptoed carefully past their mailbox, avoiding eye contact but still facing them. The dogs looked as nervous as we did and we both backed away from each other and were on our way...whew! The rest of the run was good but I don't remember so many hills the last time we did this run (must be the mileage thing and tired legs). Again we had a great gab and the run was over before it barely got going in about 2:20. Oh, and btw we also decided that this 13.5 mile loop would make a great 1/2 marathon race course. All we need is a race director and some volunteers ;-)

Today's long run completed week 3 of the 18 week Boston plan as previously posted. The week's total was up to 71 from the planned 64, due to cheating on the plan and not being able to count properly. Next week is supposed to be a build up to 67 miles but will now be a cutback instead ;-) So far so good and just need to keep the enthusiasm for running from getting in the way!


Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Its cool that you guys can get together and run like that. Good for you starting off 2006 with a great run. Heck I'm not even dressed yet. I didn't party but was up late reading blogs of all

Happy New Year, Mike.

Andrew said...

I thought you had originally said '16' but when you said we were doing '17' I thought it best not to complain.

Great run by the way. Now you said '19' for next week. Does this mean we're doing 20?

Unknown said...

Great way to start the year. Here's to better counting in 2006.

Vince Hemingson said...

In the great scheme of things, think of that 'extra' mile as a bonus in your mileage bank that you can withdraw in the last few miles of the marathon... :)

Love2Run said...

Planning on more careful verification of the schedule in the future and looks like it will be 'only' be 19 next weekend. Hope you can make it again Andrew!

Anonymous said...