Sunday, January 22, 2006

Group Sunday run: xyz running club

Special treat, beginning of run butt shot just for Dawn. We were thinking of you and thought you'd like it ;-) Actually it's a few minutes after 'dawn', about 7am US time and a little on the cold side with temps around -9C (18F) with a fairly strong NW wind of 15-25mph. So, we'd better get moving, huh?
ps. If you want to see the front view, you'll have to visit Andrews blog, that is 'whenever' he gets around to letting us know what he's been up to!

As I said before and you all know, it is a special treat to get together for our long runs as a group. No matter what the conditions it seems to make these runs more enjoyable and they seem at least an hour shorter than they actually are. You get to talk and gab about whatever and the miles just melt away. Even the windchill was not the problem it could have been (ie running alone and shaking your fist at the sky) since we could always go into the flying wedge formation and take turns out front.

Part of our discussion focused on what we should call ourselves as a group; we need a catchy name to entice more runners off the couch. Hmmm how about Eastport Mainiacs, Cobscook Roadhogs, Quoddy Roadrunners, or maybe the Perry Shore Lost Soles? Just some silly ideas!

It was a nice easy paced run with a few quicker downhills to work on the quads for Boston and it seemed like alot of uphills into the wind on the last 4.5 mile leg. The Rotweiller 'boys' were out and about today again and made a fake charge before retreating back. Either they are cowards at heart, realized they were outnumbered or the owners have one of those electronic fences that stops them from coming on the road. Anyway, dogs are not a threat when you run as a group. We completed the 13.5 mile loop of Boyden Lake and then added another couple to make up 16 miles in about 2:20.

My total for this past week was 62 miles in 8h42m which was a nice cut back from the previous week of 70. The legs and body are feeling remarkably fresh from this mini-taper and ready to work up into the 'program' some more. Only 12 weeks to Boston on Monday!

After the run, I drove along the shore which was our route from 2 weeks ago when I didn't have my camera. Here a couple of shots of the beautiful Passamaquoddy Bay.
What more can I say?
Simply gorgeous!


Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Beautiful photos and I love the first one. Thanks for thinking of me and the laugh. Just too much. Wow, that you got the rest of them to go along with it.

My dream would be someday to join you guys for a run, now I at least feel like I was there in spirit.

Thanks Mike and gang!

Andrew said...

Marc has suggested "Salmon Athletics" for our name.

Is it just me or is Steph trying to steal the show in that photo?

Olga said...

Great shots at the beach. I love group long runs too, it's nice to have people around once a week:)

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos of the bay. I could definitely enjoy running in your neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...