Saturday, January 28, 2006

Still hanging in, barely...

The last few days have been tiring and I'm just hanging in there from day to day. All the advice out there reminds you to accept missed workouts as 'missed' and to not double up or attempt to make them up. Which is exactly what this dummy has been trying to do all week to no avail!

Missed Tuesday's tempo run due to weather and road conditions and then switched the medium long run with the intention of doing it later in the week but it just didn't happen. At least the Friday run (11mi in 1:34) felt MUCH better than the slog of survival on Thurs. There is a pattern here and reading my own blog back over the past few weeks it seems like I'll just have to make some adjustments and just try to follow the plan as written. The Pfitzinger program is quite demanding, especially the 70+/week version and the rest or easier days are ordered with experience and good reasoning behind it. It does not take kindly to re-ordering of hard/easy days at all.

Today was just an easy 8 miles with 10x strides and dummy here again did not follow the directions (maybe a post-it to my forehead will help). Ran the correct distance but looking at my HR times and efforts, it was too hard, mostly in the >80% range. Did the strides (sort of) but it was more like short awkward speedbumps mixed into the run. They didn't feel smooth or fast at all. Hopefully this won't compromise the scheduled long run on Sunday. Now need to fuel up and get ready, so let's see, 'What's first ice cream or bagels with gobs of peanut butter? Mmmm, those Turtles look good too!'

At least the weather is looking good!
Sunday : Sunny. Becoming cloudy late in the day. Wind northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40. High minus 4C.


Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

*laughing* as I picture you with a post it note on your forehead. I have some pink heart shaped ones. Now they would really look cute. Don't be so hard on yourself Mike. Sometimes a rest day is better than a run as long as you don't double it the next time. Especially with the miles you have been logging.

But what do I know, eh?!?

Anonymous said...