Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Careful beginning

Careful now... hold back... easy boy... careful!

That's what I'm trying hard to do this week, just run according to the plan and not overstep or do any more than scheduled and keep count! Have a fairly heavy plan with more mileage than usual and so after a slow buildup now need to stay within limits and avoid injury so that the end is reached successfully.

Had a nice rest day on Monday, feeling a bit tired from Sunday's run with Andrew and so just laid around the house for the last day of holidays. Of course still did running related things like the reading running books from Christmas including the classic 'Once a Runner' and 'The Greatest - The Haile Gebrselassie Story' :-)

Today was back to the grind (work) with a 10 mile run fitted in over lunch. Needed to drop the van off at home and starting from home spotted a lone runner heading over the hill. Decided to to catch up but they had a big headstart and it took most of a mile and 1/2 to do so. JR was doing the triangle loop and never heard me until I was right beside her due to the music she was listening to (that's not recommended is it?) We ran together for only a few minutes before turning in different directions but it was nice to say hello. With my catch up effort the 1st 4 miles of the run were quicker than planned in 32:00 followed by a 4 mile return leg in 33:00. Finished off with 10x100 strides where focus was mainly on fast turnover to complete the run in 83:00.

Good run but not quite holding back much yet.