Thursday, January 12, 2006

Still trucking along

It's been a few days since the last post as I've been away from home and the office on a work trip down to lovely Boothbay Harbor, Maine. As is typical with a travelling schedule, it's always a challenge to get the required runs in when you're 'in training'. During the off-season, between marathons it's alot easier to just run whenever you can and short runs are simple to wedge in somewhere during the day. However, when you have a schedule with 10-15 mile runs every other day it can be harder to get creative.

Thus the week started off with a 6am, easy run on the dreadmill so the run could be in the bag before heading out on the 5hr drive down the coast to Boothbay. It was an ok run, with 1st 2 miles in a semi-awake state, followed by a sudden stop when I accidentally pulled the emergency stop cord. Finished feeling better with pace up to 7:30/mi for a few laps at the end.

Day 2 was another 6am run from the hotel in Boothbay (Andrew would be proud of me getting out so early). It was a mild day with temp just above freezing and there was little black ice to bother along the highway route that I ran. Did a 10 mile out and back run along the main drag into this small coastal town and was surprised by the amount of traffice so early in the morning. Started out nearly pitch black, just streetlights, and was blinded by headlights for much of the 1st 40 minutes before the turnaround. It was just as busy on the return leg, but at least the lights weren't as big a deal and picked up the pace at the end. Kicked myself for not bringing some water and a headlight to go with the reflective vest. I've also got a little blinking red light that would have helped make me more visible and more like Duncan, including the speeding trucks.

Day 3, today, had the unique plan of being dumped by my co-workers at a point about 9 miles out of town to start my 15 mi run. Began this run by stashing a drink, turning around and heading further away for the first 6 mi. This run was markedly different traffic wise from day 2 in that there was almost no cars in comparison; only counted about 10 cars over the 1st 4 miles. The peace and quiet was a relief after the roar of speeding suv's still in my head from 24 hours previous. But still, 15 miles is a long ways, even on a beautiful spring like day in January. Finished up in a little over 2hr and then back to work after a quick stop and shower at home.

It's hard to believe but I'm still on track for the week. Now just a 13, easy 6 and a 20 to complete it and the weather reports are looking off the charts great for running. We'll take it!


Andrew said...

Wow! I am impressed for sure. I didn't have such good luck while you were gone. My eldest was up sick a couple of nights ago so I have been dealing with getting back my sleep. I can't stand heavy traffic days either. The noise of the vehicles stays with me all day.

Anonymous said...