Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shiny new shoes

Nothing like a new pair of shoes to put a little extra spring in a weary runner's stride. Finally broke down today and used the new Mizuno Wave Rider 7's for the 1st time on our slushy dirty roads. I had little choice really, with 700+ miles of every pair of running shoes now in the closet, all the same brand and these are dubbed #19. Let's see, about another 16 pairs to make one earth loop in M's so I've still got a ways to go... Think they'll give me a free pair then?

It was actually kinda weird running, they felt firm but clunky and was landing noisily on my heels instead of the normal flatfoot shuffle. It's likely that my old shoes (exact same model) are so flattened that I'll need to get used to the extra lift. They also bothered my calves and achilles a bit so I'll make sure to still work in the old soldiers for awhile yet (usually rotate with 2-3 pairs at a time).

Anyway! I did get in a half decent 10 miler on a windy but sunny day with temps just below freezing. Ran it as an out an back with the 1st 5mi into the cold 20mph wind in about 43:00. It was great to turn and head back an felt like I was moving well with the wind pushing me a long for the 2nd half. Did the return leg in just over 40:00 including 10x striders at 1:00 intervals with walking to get the heart rate below 130 and to keep the legs fresh. The strides felt pretty clunky and slow and just worked on trying to have a fast turnover. Much prefer to do these on the golf course but there's too much snow and ice right now. Forecast for Weds is a bunch of wind and rain but only doing a short run and then volleyball at night.


Olga said...

Have you thought about joining marathonmaniacs.com? Great marathoning, and hope you find shoes you love forever.

D said...

I would have stress fractures if I ran that long in shoes...wow.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

I used to wear Mizuno all the time until I had a case of PF. I then switched to Brooks but I still have an old pair I wear now and then.

I could never get that many miles on on pair of shoes.

Unknown said...

That is a lot of miles on one pair of shoes. I usually tap out at about 500 before the shoes get rotated to lawn mowing duty, or gym duty.

Anonymous said...