Tuesday, March 07, 2006

40 days and 40 nights

Sorry to be so obsessive but that's all that remains to marathon day and I'm already feeling it. Only a 4 more long runs, 2 dreaded 15 mile midweek runs, and a mixture of tempo and interval type days left. The 3 week taper is also going to be rough to take after such a long intensive program. Unlike Duncan who just had an amazing race at Napa Valley I can only manage a couple of marathons per year after extensive preparations.

Wonder of wonders we had a glorious spring like day at last and it's predicted to last through the rest of the week. Clear and sunny with light winds and temps up to +6C (43F) was just wow! Of course this meant shorts for the 1st time in ages along with a long sleeved shirt and light windbreaker. Didn't feel cool at all, in fact had to tie the jacket around my waist at the end of the run.

Today's run was a 12 miler with 6x1000m intervals with unspecified rest between. This looks a little intimidating on paper but once you're out the door it just seems to happen. Ran it as an out and back with the 1st 6 miles in 51:00 and then after the turnaround in Bayside began the real work. Like Thomas I go by time and effort and without recent 5/10k's to go by did them in about 4:15 hard with about 2:00 jog rests including a bit of walking when really winded. Despite feeling a bit lethargic on the way out it felt fine once into the faster stuff. Nice to burn out the carbon a little after all the slower running with the horrible weather we've had lately. Finished up with about a mile to go and eased back to the start in 47:10 or about 4 minutes faster on the return leg. It was over before you knew it, "Can I have some more please?!"


Duncan Larkin said...

Mike, glad to see you got some decent weather. I cringed reading some of your previous posts and seeing you all bundled up; they reminded me of my days in Vermont. It's cruise time now...as the weather and daylight moves in your favor--take advantage of it.

hunter said...

It's just so great to run outside!

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Go ahead and obsess over it. I would if I was you. We had +6C yesterday as well. Hopefully the colder stuff is gone for good.

Olga said...

Did you say you want some more??!! :) I am always glad it's over...What a great fast time you ran! Nicely done!

Anonymous said...