Saturday, March 25, 2006

Lucky 7's

7770, that's my bib number for my 7th Boston marathon on the seventeenth of April. Maybe it means I'll be running a 3:07? Naah!! Getting excited about the upcoming race, in fact I had a dream this morning that woke me up with pulse pounding. Somehow I was at the start in Hopkinton but was trapped in the drug store and couldn't get my bib number as the race was about to start! Weird, eh?

Just a couple of easy runs over the last few days to report on. Friday was 8 miles as a 4 mile out and back and was feeling 100% better after a good rest the night before. Kept the pace under control using the HR monitor with the out portion at 8:15 pace about 30sec/mile faster than the Thurs slogfest. Finished off with 10 strides at 1:00 intervals and walk breaks which loosened up the legs nicely. It was a half decent day for a change with mild temps about 6C (43F) after the nasty day we had on Thursday, right Andrew?

Today Saturday was scheduled as a double with 6 and 4 but changed to just a single easy 10 miler early in the morning so I'd have more time to rest and relax for the 22 mile long run on Sunday. Another fine mild day with a light breeze making it slightly cool and finished the run in 87:00. Can't believe it, just one more 'long' run and it's taper city! Hopefully we'll be taking it easy in the morning although my modified plan does call for some MP sections that may happen, or not. Should we start our long run at 7:07.07? Check out Lucky 7 for a laugh.


Olga said...

I think it's your lucky number! I have faith in coincidense:)
Hope you enjoyed your "last" long run today and ready to taper!

Love2Run said...

I think you're right Olga. I'm also in corral #7 and this is my 14th (2x7) marathon ;-) Ha!

We had a GREAT long run today, working on a post now...

Anonymous said...