Friday, March 17, 2006

All work and no play

Makes Mike a tired boy...

Familiar pattern, took an easy day on Weds switching for a 7 mile easy so that I could go to volleyball rested. Volleyball was great and but then the longer 14 mile run on Thur was a real slog with legs feeling like lead, especially the last few miles. Started out nice and easy into a cool headwind for the entire 1st half and after the turnaround had some good mile splits of around 8:15 with a low heartrate below 130. Just after that I ran out of garorade and the wheels fell off for the rest of the run. Finished up the in just under 2hr and collapsed at my desk for the rest of the day.

Today, Friday was still residual tired for no obvious reasons and woke up with a splitting headache that lasted all day. My usual easy 6 mile jaunt around town was a slow slow slog in 50:15. The legs were still like lead and just an overall beat feeling. Moan, bitch, complain....hopefully a better day awaits.

Part of the problem is the crazy work schedule I'm under lately with reports, meetings and deadlines fast approaching and no end in sight until the week before Boston. The perfect storm of work and play is sure to bring me down if I let it but I won't let it will I? Perhaps ice cream is the perfect healing solution, I'll report in later.