Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Not a pretty sight

Obviously, if you've been keeping track, this is #100 but don't feel like celebrating too much just yet.

Like Andrew this horrible weather is wearing me down and if you'd seen me dragging my sorry butt around town yesterday you'd agree that it wasn't a pretty sight. I was bundled up with extra clothes that only seemed to make me sweat more when slogging along with the wind at my back. Oh yes, another -12C day with windchill -20 AGAIN! Perhaps it's just the cumulative miles but this was the longest toughest 2hr run I've done in years. yuck, yuck, yuck, we need a break soon or we're all going to crack.

So, 4 miles easy at 645am on the treadmill. Then a 14-ish mile mid-day run that was meant to be 15. Slowly the miles are accumulating, and that which does not break, gets stronger?

Maybe I will go to volleyball. Tired but need a change of scenery and something different. If it doesn't pan out I can just come home early...
and a good nights sleep!

Hey, it's another day and the sun is shining once again. Survived volleyball, in fact it was a great night out and a good break. More energy than expected, even managed a few spikes, lots of fun and laughs with the co-ed group that comes out every week.

Today was a bit of a busy day at work with a drive to Saint John for a meeting to talk to some of our 'clients' in the fishing industry. It went well but didn't get home till 430pm with a 7 mile run to fit in before supper.

We had a light snowfall during the day with about 5cm (2-3 inches) which made for a beautiful winter wonderland outdoors. However, more importantly the temperatures have risen and the current -5C with light winds felt absolutely balmy after what we've been enduring. It was a glorious, quiet gentle run around town with a few zigs and zags to make up the required distance. Ran partly on the golf course and on some empty side streets where my footprints in the snow were the only ones to be seen. Total time of the run was almost exactly as predicted when leaving the house, 'How long will you be?'.... 'Back in an hour' (actually 60:50) and this was watch in the pocket for the duration. I guess those internal clocks do work!

Been thinking alot about my running goals and plans after prodding Rob about his. This will have to wait for another day but meanwhile things are looking up and the temperature is rising. We may even get to 0C (32F) by the weekend. All right!!


Thomas said...

I do admire you spirits, running in such dreadful cold. No wonder it gets you down after a while.

Let's hope the temperatures will indeed increase soon - I've got the same hopes for the weather on this side of the Atlantic.

Paul The Jogger said...

Yes I agree totally with Thomas. I feel hard done by if it's -2. It's bound to warm up soon. It's like looking for the finishing tape. Thwe end to winter is just behind the next bend.


Love2Run said...

Yes, we're really looking forward to a little break in the weather. it may even hit 0C this weekend! fingers and toes are crossed ;-)

Unknown said...

I don't like the cold much, but I do love running in the snow, but I think winter is over around here. It was near the freezing mark this morning.

I hope it warms up for you soon.

[rich] said...

Hi - just dropped by via "paul's site" keep up the cold work - its been freezing over here in Notts, UK. I've linked your site - hope you don't mind. :-)