Saturday, March 04, 2006

Over the hump!

Hey, things are finally looking up! We broke the freezing point today for the first time in over a week, which seemed more like a month and it feels great ;-)

Only a couple of easier runs to report. On Friday it was an easy but complicated route with a jog home (1.5 miles) to get my van, drive it to the garage for a service check, then loop around town to complete the 6 miles scheduled. It was a cool day at -8C and the usual -20C windchill but the sun was shining and the light cover of snow made for nice running across the golf course.

Today, Saturday things were looking up with temps at -4C but strong NW winds of 30k/hr making for a bit of a windchill, though nothing like we've had. Only needed one layer and a jacket, which was a little cool but OK. Did a 10 mile run as 5 miles out into the wind in 44min and then the return trip at a harder effort in 38:40 which is just a bit slower than marathon pace. I thought it was a bit more effort than that but somehow I've lost some of my limited speed with all the slogging so far this winter. My Feb mileage total was 293 miles which is a new record over this runners recorded history.

Meanwhile the countdown to Boston goes on. I found a nice timer at Hunter's: Marathoning with Arthur Lydiard site which he found at 'little miss runner pants' site... Cool, thanks folks!


Olga said...

Wow, what a milegae! And all of it at're my hero!

hunter said...

Glad you like the counter. I asked Maria in case there is any copyright issue, and was told that she copied it from other too :)

I need to stop whinning about the weather after reading your posts :)

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

I admire your determination despite the weather. I thought of you as I ran at 5am in the blistering cold yesterday. Long story, saving it for a post but for some silly reason my site and host are down. Just weird.

Anonymous said...