Thursday, December 22, 2005

2nd Day of Winter

As promised, here is our tree all set up and partially decorated and ready for the big holiday. Only a 1/2 day of work to go, office party, last minute things to do and then settle back for a well deserved long winter's nap!

Today's run was a new record of sorts, that being 10 days straight running without a rest day! Because of the holiday scheduling and re-arranging I skipped my normal Monday rest day and will go 2 more days before I get a break on the 25th. It's still cold here and the run was at chilly -9C with windchill of -15C or 10F. Once again, and for the 3rd time this week I wore all the clothes that were in my bag at work. Amounted to 2 layers on the legs and 3 on upper body plus assorted hat, neck warmer, and ratty gloves with holes (hoping that Santa will notice). Total of 11 miles at an easy pace in 1:35 and did a figure 8 loop around town and out to the Ghost Road and then back to work. The legs were a little tired/sore and my upper body is also a bit sore from my tumble on Tues. Didn't feel especially good or bad, just one of those get the run in as scheduled sort of runs when feeling tired.

Nice surprise when I got home with a dvd of the KV marathon in the mail. It's quite a really good production of photos and slide show to music in the pouring rain. I may post some of my pics once I get a chance to go through it. Looking forward to a nice easy 6 miler tomorrow, but then the dreaded 18 miler (1st real long run) on Sat. At least the forcast is for milder weather nearer to the freezing point if not in the plus range!

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