Thursday, December 15, 2005

Easy day on the mill

Nothing like falling out of bed and 10 minutes later you're speeding down the highway to nowhere. Even then I wasted several minutes finding all my gear and manged to totally awaken my poor sleeping wife. Will pay for that ;-)

As I keep saying its especially nice when it's cold as heck outside (-20C this am with windchill) and you've got a busy day ahead with various meetings and lunch scheduled. So, I managed to get 10 miles in before breakfast in 81:00 at varying paces from 6-8mph (10 to 7:30/mi paces). Didn't play any neat games like chase the rabbit as Paul suggested but just watched tv and adjusted the pace every 1/4 mile or so. It still felt like I was cheating somehow and taking the easy way out and it certainly was 100% less effort than my run on Weds. Using the HR monitor I was doing marathon pace at <80% HR max which was nice. Same effort on winter roads would probably be MP + 1:00/ mile.

Now all I have left this week is a couple of easy 6 milers and a long 17 on Saturday so Sunday is free for our Power Christmas brunch at Eileen's. Lots of food and fun with family and should get a first look at their new puppy. Tomorrow will be busy with a long drive to PEI to get Steph for the holidays. The plan is to leave early and be back before the storm that is headed our way for Friday night/ Sat. Wish me luck!


Andrew said...

On one hand the mill sounds nice. Getting out into that freezing north wind for 2.5 hours of slog is just cruel. On the other hand, I remember my recent experience on a treadmill in Bloomington, MN and I'm glad I don't have any alternative but to go outside. The pounding and pounding is worse then the slipping and sliding in some respects. Hope you drive was uneventful. No snow yet.

Love2Run said...

Back safe and sound and the snow/sleet is just starting to rattle the windows.

Our mill has decent cushioning with some give so it doesn't feel like you're pounding too much. It's just that it can get kind of boring when the run is longer than an hour. In fact I'm about to do my 6 miler now rather than face the elements and the dark!

Unknown said...

I have been debating about buying a treadmill for convenience purposes, but have not taken the plunge as of yet. My wife is actually very interested though so that she can work out while being able to keep an eye on the kids as well.

Anonymous said...