Monday, December 26, 2005

Tempo run to begin week

Three guesses as to the identity of the little snow sculpture by Chris and Anna ;-)

After a nice holiday break, I was more than ready to begin week 3 of the 18 week plan with a more challenging run than usual. Schedule was for 10 miles with 4@ 1/2 mara pace and so after a quiet relaxing morning with most of the family still catching up on their sleep I was able to slip out 'almost' unnoticed.

Bit of an iffy day weather wise with 2C (35F) a cold drizzle/rain and northeast breeze at 20-30k/hr. The shoulders of the highway were quite icy and so stuck to the edge of the pavement on the white line for the most part. Did the 10 miles as an out and back run with the final 4 miles in 30:10 which was as fast as I could manage today with the conditions. Translates to close to my MP and so I 'failed' on this aspect of the run. The intention and effort were there and HR was in the 80-95% range for the tempo portion so don't feel to broken up by the result . Total time for the run was 1:19 and felt fairly good for the most part. A few twinges in the hamstrings and got a little cold toward the end of the run but pleased with the overall run and a decent start for the week


Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Cute snow sculpture. We have no snow left. I ran on Christmas day in shorts & t-shirt and cooked. It was +15 out.

I like how you snuck out for your run. Twas the same for me yesterday, while I ran the others napped and hubby played computer games. They never missed

Mike said...

Good job, I wouldn't call it a "failed" run, you had some pretty tough conditions to contend with. Going by perceived effort doesn't seem to bad a plan in those circumstances. Nice bunny, by the way.

Anonymous said...