Friday, December 09, 2005

First real snowfall

At last, we had a nice blanket of snow today that looks like it may stay around for awhile! I'm originally from northern NB which has a much more consistant winter than we have here way down in the south with the moderating ocean near the coast. It is quite surprising the difference in climate a few hunded kilometers makes. My wife thinks I'm completely off my rocker but I do miss good sledding snow, even though it sometimes makes for tougher running ;-)

It started to float down about noon just as I was ready to start my run and there was an inch or 2 down by the end of my 9 mile 75:00 minute run. Right now we have a few more inches and the driving is kind of treacherous and slippery. The run went well, careful easy strides and only slipped a few times on the underlying ice. The route was partially on the golf course and various sides streets before returning to the golf course to get the required time and miles in. For the most part I stayed on the sidewalks and away from traffic on this 1st real winter storm we've had.

No problems to speak of in the run except for a friendly lab that I thought was going to knock me over, he came to greet me at full speed and then went sliding past with his legs still spinning... Silly puppy reminded me of our old dog now gone who just loved to run and play in the snow. Here's a picture of my silly dog from a few years ago.