Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wimped out!

No, I did get my run in this morning, it's just how I got my run in that makes me feel like a wimp! A trip to Saint John was planned today so the dentist could torture me, to be followed by senseless wandering in shopping malls looking for the perfect present that can never be found.

Thus my usual midday run was rescheduled and in it's place I present the early morning dreadmill run! It's so easy, fall out of bed, slip on shorts and shoes and you are off with the hamsters... No worries about layers and the fact that it's -10C plus windchill and that Andrew is probably on his 2nd reload of the woodstove by now. However, I know he would proud of me getting up at 6:30 to do 6 miles before going off to work for a few hours. But... still felt like a wimp stinking up our basement while other brave souls face the elements. Hat's off to you all and you know who you are!!

Meanwhile, there is a nor-easter brewing and we should finally get some real snow tommorow. For that, I will make a special effort to get out the door, no wimping out ;-)