Saturday, December 24, 2005

Still loving it

You'd think that we runners would get bored or fed up with all the miles we put in, especially as you begin to ramp up the mileage with a training program and a goal that is months away. But no it just seems to get better on some days, like today.

We had a nice snowfall last night with a few inches of the wet heavy snowman making type stuff. After my usual carbo load pancake breakfast and several coffees I had enough energy to help Jo shovel the driveway, which was the least I could do before disappearing for a few hours on a perfect calm, mild day (just about freezing mark).
The legs felt a bit heavy at first and with the wet slushy roads the choice of route today was a bit questionable. In the end I opted to stay in town where people are not in as big a hurry and where I wouldn't get continually sprayed with slush and salt. Kind of wandered the streets, doing all the side roads, into SABS, the golf course, O'Neil farm road, Cemetery, Champlain subdiv, down the Bar Road and onto the beach which was open to Minister's Island. All the while going at a nice easy relaxing pace and feeling at some points where everything felt perfect and could just go on forever. Of course this only happened for a brief moments before reality cut in and my heart rate alarm goes off like I'm having a seizure or something! It was nothing like the 18 milers from hell that Andrew has been describing lately but with all the time in the world it was nice to just enjoy the running at a very easy pace.

The 2nd part of the run after a quick stop at home for more gatorade was just a quick 40 minute loop around town to make up the total time of 2:30 or so and about 18 miles as planned. At the turnaround mark I was lucky enough to run into S. who was just doing the Point loop today. S is also running Boston this year but does not have a high mileage plan like mine so we don't often see each other on the run. But it was very nice to talk and cruise along for a bit with another runner, the time just flies ;-)

Anyway, it was over all too quickly and 'that's all she wrote' for week 2 of the Boston Plan. All runs were executed as laid out, added a bit of distance, with a total of 63 miles in 9hr 30 min and year to date of 2162.

Meanwhile on the home front, all is prepared and the stockings are ready for Santa. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas shared with family, friends and loved ones. Enjoy!!


Andrew said...

Sounded like a nice long run today! Your weather was better than mine across the bay. I ran my "recovery three" on ice this morning while it rained on me.

Mike said...

Week 2 and up to 18 miles already, great job. You and Andrew have some seriously harsh conditions to contend with, I feel guilty posting the weather in Tucson. Happy holidays to you, and thanks for the interesting blog. I look forward to hearing about your PR at Boston.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Great job on the run. Love the tree.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a wonderful day for a long run. Have a Merry Christmas!