Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It was one of those days when you just wish the wind would stop blowing for an hour or so while you get your run in, but of course that rarely happens. So after donning every piece of running gear available to me I headed out for my mid-week longer run which is now at 11 miles and will work up to 15 in the plan. Weather was -5C with NW 20-40km winds or feel like -12C (10F). Thankful for my neck warmer that I can pull up over my nose on days like this.

The run was an out and back with most of the 'out' (in 47:10) into the teeth of the breeze. Turning around was a reward in itself and the return trip took only 45:35, despite feeling that I was tiring. Maybe I just wanted to get it over with but there was not much 'fun' in todays run, just the satisfaction of completing a run as planned no matter what (almost). I guess that's what commitment means for me.