Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A cool and breezy day

5.5 mile Point loop in 45:20. Coolish sunny day, 9C (48F), westerly 15-25mph, comfortable in shorts and long sleeve shirt. Same run as last Thurs. but about 1 min. faster at same effort level and lower HR so must be recovering. The legs hardly complained at all, just a little tightness and was able to open up a bit on the last downhill, feeling great! Thought about trying a few strides on the grass but decided to wait for another day.

Tommorow is a rest day and annual check-up at the doctor, hoping to be rated as fit as a 50 year old 'Swede' that can outrun most 25 year olds ;-) Now if I could only do something about my cholesterol but it's in the genes.