Friday, November 11, 2005

Coolish 11k on Remembrance Day

Sunny beautiful fall day called me out for a quick 1hr run before attending the Remembrance Day ceremonies. Temp was 1.5C (33F) with a light westerly so I wore gloves & windbreaker but still fine in shorts. Did an out and back 30:20 out and 29:40 back with same effort (more or less; its hard not to push the pace a little on return legs). Felt great, no complaints at all from the body, just like a Sunday morning run with very little traffic on this public holiday.

Easy day coming up tommorow and then a 'big' 10miler on Sunday. Hold back, hold back ;-)


Andrew said...

Great job on the hour run. My favorite lunchtime run is an hour. I set the the countdown timer on the watch for 30 minutes and I run out the road until it beeps. Then I try to get back before it beeps again without pushing the pace too much. Sounds to me your recovery is going very well!

Love2Run said...

Yeah, feeling good now. Timed out and back runs are fun and work well when you have to be back in x minutes ;-)

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

We had a nice warm day here, but I had to work. The weather looks good for the weekend as well and then back to cold on Monday.

Good luck with your big run on Sunday.

Anonymous said...