Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Crazy weather run

It's cold, it's mild, it's calm, it's windy, it's dry, it's wet.. it's all of the above! When you're a runner with a schedule, even if the schedule only says 'run today', and the weather is nasty all you can think about is 'how am I going to get a run in today?'. All day we've had pelting rain, high winds, dark clouds (even felt dark at about 3pm), but at least mild temps in the 12C (55F) range.

I drove up to St Stephen early this morning and was wondering how Andrew's run went in this as I tried to keep the van on the road with the high winds. Most people would pack it in but I know he is very dedicated to his running and was probably braving the elements no matter what. This gave me some extra incentive as I looked out my office window at the sideways rain and continual downpour but still I delayed and made excuses. Finally around 1230 it seemed to let up a bit so I headed out with only a light rain now.

Crazy run, branches down everywhere, golf course flooded with several inches of water flowing over the paved paths in spots. Made a u-turn and went around the Point which was completely exposed to the southwest winds (30-40mph at least). Have you ever tried to run with a sideways lean? It was the only way to make it but after the turn, things were better with the wind at my back. Final numbers were about 5.5mi in 49min. Was feeling a little tired and slow today and got to do something with those worn out shoes before the legs start breaking down. I did end up soaked like a drowned (but happy to get his run in) rat. Runners will understand ;-)


Andrew said...

Hi Mike! I got my run yesterday but I just had to deal with rain. The wind had yet to pick up when I was out. That's the beauty of the early morning run. The 3 cats want out, the woodstove needs loading, kids need re-tucking, so I may as well go out and run. If it's not raining, it's freezing, or blowing or in the summer I'm being chased by crazed skunks. I recommend early runs if only to thwart the the devil on the shoulder.

Mike said...

Andrew has a great work ethic, and so do you Mike. It's great the two of you got to run together. I think about your weather when I start to complain about having to put a long-sleeved shirt on when it dips to a chilly 45 here (it will be 75 later today though).

Anonymous said...