Saturday, November 26, 2005

Easy running on a fine day

Sun is up, time to get rolling...
Looking out my window it's very inviting...
Even the birds are busy!

So what am I waiting for? Have to do my run so I can say something in my blog! Typical Saturday morning, take my time, enjoy breakfast and coffee, check my blogs (including pink ones) and roll on out. As you can see today was sunny, but it's also a bit cool -3C (27F) with no wind at all for a change.

Meanwhile the body is still recovering, now a month since the marathon and feel like doing more each day. Usually I make it short and easy on Sat since Sunday is the long run day but felt so nice to run today that extra loops were added and ended up with about 7.5mi in 60:40. Also kept the run easy with HR<80% for 2/3 of the run.

Rest of the day will be spent just lazing around and may start scheming about the Boston plan. Might even come up with a list of running priorities. There's nothing like writing something down to make it real and doing it here might give me the incentive to actually do it ;-)