Sunday, November 06, 2005

What a difference a week makes!

My 1st 'long' run since the KV pummeling 2 weeks ago. 8mi in 67:00 on a drab overcast day, 8C (47F) with a medium 10-15mph NE wind. I wouldn't normally call this 'long' but after the recent struggles to run at all and my aborted run last weekend this was pretty good. The legs finally behaved and my calves were tight but not sore until after the run. Out and back on my usual long run route at an easy/gentle pace and was tempted (for a few milliseconds) to make it 10 but decided my luck should not be pushed. Like Andrew across the pond my enthusiam for running often needs reigning in and its hard to hold back sometimes.

Plan is for several more weeks of easy recovery running with my 'long' runs increasing by 2mi per week until December when I'll begin the usual Boston 16-18 week plan based on Pfitzinger. The big decision will be whether I'll go for the 'Up to 55mi/week' or 'Up to 70mi/week' plan this time around. Not sure if I want to crank it up too much with one initial forecast for an 'active and cold' winter. I seem to remember we were supposed to get a mild winter!!! Let's hope!

Summary for the past week was a measly 22mi, on 4 days running, and 1807 mi. so far this year.


UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Mike - Sounds like you are doing it right with the recovery. You and Andrew should try to hook up for some long runs - he's ok for an American:)

Andrew said...

Measley 22 in 4 days? I did a measley 26.5 in 7. Your average is a little better than mine. I'm glad to hear the legs are finally coming back. It must have been a killer marathon for the pain to have continued this long.

Nice link to Pfzinger's (sp?) site. I recommend the high mileage low intensity. Deathly afraid of speedwork!

Looks like Marc has sent you fair warning... ha ha!

Love2Run said...

Andrew: The key is low intensity for me as well. I tend to leave everthing on the course when I race and it usually takes about 2-3 weeks before I feel normal again. Now, as long as you promise to take it easy on me, the 'old man'...

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

That's great mileage for the year! Here's hopin we both get mild winters.

PS - 50 is not old! I should know!

Anonymous said...