Sunday, November 20, 2005

Downeaster's finally get together

What a great way to end a 4 week recovery with a long run with a fellow blogger. Andrew made the early morning trek from Eastport since I was unable to commit to waking up and being ready to go before 7am, let alone driving for an hour etc. I'm told by my better half that I'm am not a morning person and until at least 2 cups of coffee will have to agree.

It was great to actually meet Andrew, and he does look exactly like his picture! And he is fast too ;-) We had a great 15+ mile run, around the town, across my golf course a few times, quick pit stop for drinks etc and then out on the rolling highway to finish it off. The pace was great for both of us (I think) because we never stopped talking the entire 2hr 11min so it wasn't over our limits too much. Must say that some of those hills had us puffin a bit and it seemed that we picked up the pace slightly in the 2nd half, 'Eh Andrew?' It really was a treat for me to do a longer run with company for a change. Normally as the token local runner I only get to do this in races and the conversations there usually leave much to be desired ...'Grunt, wheeze, gasp!' I hope that this will become a regular part of both of our training weeks as our schedules permit.
Summary for the week was a total of 6 runs, 44 miles, including 4 days with sets of pushups and situps. Next week, I plan to increment my midweek and long runs as I edge up to the 50ies. Things are definitely looking up from a few weeks ago. There's alot to be said for a slow measured recovery process.


gumushel said...

hey mike! just don't think i can handle that pace just yet. had a setback today and turned over my anke... bummer.. i did it running down that new road that goes up the backside of chamcook mountain.. but anyway.. looks like i'm out for a few days... your blog is looking good :)

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Mike - Keep an eye on Andrew. He'll pick up the pace and then claim he was only trying to keep up with you :) Glad you guys were able to get together for a run.

Andrew said...

I was just trying to keep up.

Anonymous said...