Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pleasantly tired...

As recommended by Lydiard, this is how you should feel after your regular base mileage run at a 'good effort'. And he's right, a pleasant but not exhaused feeling but still...I feel more like lying on a couch than anything else!

Managed a nice out-and-back 1 hour run today at lunch on hilly road terrain. My out time was in 31:00 and the return leg on the exact same route was 29:45 with my watch hid away so I didn't 'cheat' (and speed up or slow down) for a total of 7.5mi or so. Was trying for an even split but its hard to do once you're fresh and warmed up. Weather was ok, overcast, light NW, about 7C (46F) and a bit cool going into the wind with shorts and a light windbreaker.

On the Weds. I did a short 40 minute run as well as biking to/from work and 2 hours at volleyball in the evening. So far things are well with the legs but am getting some minor knee aches which might be a sign of worn out shoes. The pair I use from work have alot of miles and are due for retirement soon! New shoes are pricey but good health 'is priceless' isn't it?

Now only if the golf course of mine would dry up, we had a ton of rain and wind last night and don't like getting soaked feet.