Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time for ice-cream

Mmmm, world's best comfort/recovery food in my books! Just had a nice calorie rich, high fat bowl of chocolate fudge crackle and the good vibes are starting to flow already. Unfortunately, it also comes with a bit of guilt too, 1st I need to watch my fat intake for health reasons, 2nd it's taper time and need to remember to taper the eating but 3rd and most importantly it's hard on Jo because she's given up ice-cream for Lent (can you believe the sacrifice) and it's mean of me to eat it in front of her. Sorry Jo but I can't help my cravings ;-)

So, what am I recovering from? This is supposed to be a 'taper' and all that rest and relaxation, put your feet up, get fat and slow, right? Not today! The famous 'plan' called for a midweek 14 miles with and add-on of downhill repeats for good measure and I'm usually a slave to the plan. I'm still a little tired from all the early mornings, travelling and work stresses are wearing down on me with a peak of activity just the week before Boston.

Anyway, I told my co-workers not to look for me for a few hours and I was off on a beautiful warm sunny spring day! Wow, but too bad my body was feeling like dog-doo from the get go. Just a general lethargic worn out feeling that only faded slightly as the run progressed. Did the 1st 6 miles as a 'warm-up' ending up at the base of the Joe's Point hill that I've been using over the past months. Then clicked the watch and began churning off the repeats. Slow jog up the 800m dirt road, turnaround at the top with a million dollar view of the bay, pickup the pace on the downhill return leg, harder yet on the steeper parts while keeping the leg turnover fast and yet trying not to 'pound', flat spot and then another downhill on pavement to the stop sign and click watch, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. Average for the 6 was around 7:45 and by then I was totally spent and barely made it the one mile back to work. Total of 13 miles in 1:46.

Rest of the day spent trying not to fall asleep at my desk and not make too many mistakes. Now just resting up and recovering with ice-cream and bagels.


Legs and Wings said...

I bet you dig into the PC Fudge Crackle...I'm right eh...? That's got to be the best stuff.

Moncton has done a fine job with that route along the river. I like running the 'greeen' in Fredericton too.

Thomas said...

You're running from work? How does that work?

Paul The Jogger said...

Ice Cream MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I just gotta too. Oh yes! Oh yes.

Olga said...

Did you have an extra helping for me? And on bagel that I can't eat?
Yeah, taper word is in the air!

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

I'm out of icecream but will be stocking up this weekend on all my comfort foods.

I've had bagels and Peanut butter for breaky almost everyday this week.

Your training is going so well and Boston is getting so close.

Love2Run said...

All this talk about food is making me hungry again. Yes, it's the PC variety and it's sooo good!

Thomas, yes sometimes I'd like to run 'away' from work but I'm lucky in having flexible hours. Often run at noon and can do an hour or more and then either work later or make it up on another day.

Unknown said...

A slave to the schedule. Well said.

I have enjoyed the satisfaction of not being a slave to the schedule lately, but I cannot say that I am getting any faster because of it.

My wife does not appreciate my eating habits either.

Anonymous said...